• towels
  • sheets of paper
  • throw pillows
  • couch cushions
  • old clothes

  • Intrepid explorers have to know how to avoid dangers like boiling-hot lava flows, alligators, snakes, crevices, and quicksand. Choose your peril; your floor is now covered with it!
    To escape the danger, your young adventurers need to place stepping stones across the hazards. The stepping stones can include towels, throw pillows, sheets of paper, old clothes, and sofa cushions. As the kids try to get around the house without touching the floor, they can extend their path by adding more stepping stones in strategic locations. They can also incorporate beds, chairs, and sofas as “solid ground.”
    Encourage your children to create an adventure story to go along with the game. Perhaps they’re space explorers on a distant volcanic planet or naturalists in the alligator-infested swamps of the Everglades. Either way, they’d better try to make it safely back to their space-swamp vehicle (you might recognize it as a couch).
    Whatever you do, don’t fall in….

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