• paper or bags for covering table
  • art supplies
  • tape

  • Extra, extra! Read all about it! Kids launch new media venture while parents cook supper! Dinner finished in record time!
    Your kids can make their own headlines on a giant newspaper “printed” on your kitchen table. After covering the table with large sheets of paper or opened paper bags taped together, your junior reporters can begin writing about zany “news” events.
    To get the general look of a newspaper, your kids should write their newspaper’s name in large letters, as well as some headlines and columns. The stories can be about anything, but suggest that your kids start with fanciful food stories to tie into the dinner spirit. The lead article might be: “Giant Meatball from Mars Lands on Shadybrook Elementary School! Principal Says: ‘We’ll Cover It in Noodles!’” After writing the headlines in large letters, your kids can draw some pictures to illustrate the articles.
    Dinnertime will become chuckle time as the family reads stories aloud; encourage everybody to pick up where the articles left off and continue the story lines.

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