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  • Here’s a simple word game that puts a new twist on making an alphabetical list of items. The longer the game goes on, the more there is to remember, and the harder it gets. Play it while traveling, doing errands around town, or at home.
    One player starts by saying a word that starts with “A”. You and your children can decide beforehand if you want to limit the choice of words to a particular category (things that move, buildings, things in the environment, etc.). The next player repeats the “A” word, then adds one that starts with “B.” The third repeats the growing list, then adds a word starting with “C,” and so on. For example, the first player may say “automobile.” Player two might say “automobile, bus.” Player three might say “automobile, bus, car,” and so on, until the list gets too long to remember.
    You can allow players to skip difficult letters like “Q”, “X”, and “Z”. And for a variation, have your kids try to do the alphabet backwards.

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