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  • The old “I Spy” game can be a sanity saver when your kids are ready to eat but the restaurant is on its own schedule. Here are a few variations that can turn waiting time into instant fun time.
    If you’re waiting for a table to be cleared, start off a “spy” session by selecting various objects in the entry area, such as the coat rack, the maitre d’s microphone, the cash register, plants, and various decorations for your kids to guess. Get creative with older kids by offering clues that are more cryptic than the standard “I spy something purple”. For instance, you might say, “I spy something with a mouth that occasionally opens and swallows flat, rectangular green objects and round, shiny disks” (the cash register).
    Once you’re seated, select objects around the table, such as art on the menu, placemats, napkins, advertising placards, art on the walls, and so on. Don’t forget subtle items such as wallpaper, designs in the carpet, and silverware patterns.
    Won’t everyone be happy when you can call out, “I spy something coming from the kitchen and headed our way?”

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