You will need

  • sand
  • molds
  • a bucket

  • Children learn to:
    Count ordinal numbers.

  • Get to know what is many and little

  • Show the molds and the bucket to the kid: “Look, the molds are small and the bucket is big!”

    Pour sand into the bucket. When it is filled, you will be surprised: “That's how much sand! A whole bucket!”
    Pour out all the sand from the bucket: “This is a big pile of sand! There is a lot of sand in it! ” Tell your child to do the same with the mold and mention the result: “And this is a small pile of sand! There is little sand in it! ”

    The second task:
    Tell the kid: “Let's find out how many sand molds are needed to fill up the bucket?”
    Pour sand into the bucket with the molds and count with the child: “One, two, three!..
    That's how many sand molds fit in the bucket! ”
    The kid can fill the bucket himself, and at the same time you keep counting: “One, two, three sand molds! .. A whole bucket!”

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