You will need

  • Toy kettle, or a real small-sized kettle
  • 3 cups (toy or coffee cups)
  • saucers

  • Children learn to:

  • Compare items of different sizes by volume.
  • Get familiar with the concept of "one-to-one correspondence."

  • Pour enough water into the kettle for three cups.
    Tell your kid: "Let's give your dolls some tea!"
    Set the dolls at the table and place three cups in front of them with the child.
    Ask the kid: “Everything is ready. Shall we make tea for dolls? ”
    Together with the child, pour water from the kettle into cups and say: “This is tea for Masha doll, this is for Katya, and that is for Marina! Enough for everyone! ”

    Second task:
    Diversify the game: prepare a treat (three candies, three cakes, three patties) and three teaspoons.
    Offer the baby to arrange the spoons first, one for each and then a treat.

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