You will need

  • Light-colored plasticine

  • Children learn to:

  • Compare items by size.
  • Make volumetric figures.
  • Develop fine motor skills.

  • Put plasticine in front of the child and tell a poem:
    We did not eat, we did not drink,
    We were busy making snowman!
    Tell the baby: "Let's make a snowman!"
    Take two pieces of plasticine (large and small), say: "Here are two pieces - big and small!"
    Give a big piece of plasticine to the baby and by controlling the moves of his hand roll up the ball with it: “This is the torso!”
    Roll another ball from a small piece of plasticine: “And this is a head!”
    Attach the head to the body, and show delight: "Wow, what a wonderful snowman!"
    Roll two more balls out of plasticine - let the kid make a snowman himself.

    Second task:
    Tell the kid to make a three-ball snowman.
    Roll balls of plasticine and show your baby: “This is a big ball, this one is smaller, and this one is the smallest! Alltogether, there are three balls! ”
    Attach the balls together with the child, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.
    Then use plasticine of a different color to make the nose, eyes and attach them to the body. Thee snowman is ready!

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