You will need

  • Wooden or plastic cubes
  • Children learn to:
    Observe and make a conclusion: with each cube the house becomes higher.

  • Play in a group of adults.
  • Get familiar with the concepts of "above — below."

  • Put three cubes in front of you and give the same amount to the child.
    Offer him: "Let's build houses!"
    Put the cubes on top of one another together: “This is how tall the house is!”
    Help the baby build a lower house: “And another house!”
    Point to the buildings and say: “Two houses! One is higher and the other is lower! ”
    Remove one cube from your house and give it to the child - let him put it on your house.
    Compare houses: “Look now the houses are the same!”
    Remove another cube from your house and place it on the baby's house.
    Act as you are surprised: “Now your house is higher and mine is lower!”

    The second task:
    Look at the window with the baby and discuss which house is higher and which one is lower.
    Well, now take the cubes and tell the child to build two houses, where one would be higher and the other lower.
    Show admiration: “Look how beautiful it is! This is a higher house, and this one is lower! ”

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