You will need

  • squared notebook
  • markers

  • Children learn to:

  • Count to 5.
  • Write numbers.
  • Align the number of items with a specific number.
    Get familiar with the simplest arithmetic operations.

    Open the notebook and tell the kid: “Let's draw apples on the plate!”
    Draw a large circle: “This is a plate! Put apples on it! ”
    Draw yourself an apple together with your child: “Put one apple here!”
    Draw a second apple: “Here is another one! Now there are two apples! And here's one more! Three apples! ”
    Write the number 3 under the plate and circle it with the kid with a marker of a different color.
    In the same way, draw vegetables on the plate, berries, cakes, other fruits, etc.
    Do not forget to count the objects each time and put the number under the picture.

    The second task:
    After drawing, draw child’s attention to the apples and say: "There are three apples on the plate!"
    Close one palm: “One apple was hidden! How much is left?"
    Count the apples, pointing at them with a baby's finger: “One, two! Two apples left! ”
    And now try the opposite: “There are two apples on a plate, let's put one more! How many apples are there now? Three apples!”

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