You will need

  • sand
  • scoop
  • molds

  • Children learn to:

  • Play the game with an adult.
  • Reinforce counting skills.
  • Develop fine motor skills.

  • Make three identical sandpies together with your baby and count them.
    You can make sandpies of different shapes and recount them first, separately, and then together: “Here are two sandpies, and there is one! How many sandpies are there? Three sandpies! ”
    Ask the child to make one sandpie, and make two more yourself and count them together with your child.

    The second task:
    Take a small bucket and pour sand into it using scoops.
    At the same time, count how many scoops of sand you put in: “One, two, three scoops! That's how much sand! ”

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