You will need

  • A sheet of paper with 2-3 geometric figures drawn on it.
  • Geometrical cardboard pieces

  • Children learn to:

  • Recognize and name geometric figures.
  • Train attention and precision movements.
  • Trains art of writing.

    Put a sheet of paper in front of the child and look at the outlines of the figures drawn on it: “What is this? A triangle!"
    Outline the figure with the child’s finger and repeat its name.
    Now show a triangle of cardboard and ask: “And what is this? Correct, a triangle! ”
    Give a figure to the child.
    Let him find a suitable outline on a piece of paper and place a figure on it.
    When all the outlines of the figures are closed, clap your hands and say: “Well done!”

    The second task:
    Circle the geometric figures cut out of cardboard on a sheet of paper with a felt-tip pen together with the baby.
    Now, when naming the figures, lay them on the corresponding contours.

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